Our workflow

In four steps we create
each unique piece of furniture.

Our custom furniture is created in our workshop with experience and creativity. Each product is rendered refined and unique in four phases.


We study the measurements of the room to be furnished with care and attention, working closely with architects and designers. It is essential for us to establish an open dialogue with the designer and the client.


Our handcrafted products capture the essence of culture, passion and audacious beauty, unique to our customers desires. We help our customers in their choice of wood and once chosen we begin the initial processing and assembly. This first step allows allows the customer to see a rough prototype of the final product. At this stage the customer will also have the opportunity to define additional details such as handles, shelves, colour and other essential aspects of the custom made piece.


The dismantlement of the product piece by piece to be methodically sanded hand polished or lacquered, preparing it for the final painting.


Each individual piece is checked before the shell of the product is assembled, followed by the packaging product for shipping. The piece is then shipped to the customer and completely mounted to perfection.

“With every delivery our satisfaction and pride for having created a handmade pice of furniture grows.”

Since 1936, we have been creating custom wood furniture out of Sardinia for the whole world.
We produce all type of furniture, making each piece unique and personal.