Types of wood, to each its own qualities

Types of wood, to each its own qualities

Depending on the need, one type of wood over another may prove to be best. Let’s find out why.

In nature there are countless types of wood, but only a few can be used in the production of furniture. It is possible to classify the wood’s essences in two types: soft and hard. Obviously some essences are a halfway between the two poles, so the cataloging also adds in the semi-hard woods.

Types of wood: soft

This group contains all light and easy to work woods, such as fir, pine and balsa. Balsa is the lightest and tenderest wood in the world. It has a spongy fiber and for this reason it is absolutely not suitable for the manufacture of furniture. In contrast, its lightweight does make it ideal for models. Fir and pine are used in the making of furniture, especially for the realization of furniture that is practical and light.

Types of wood: hard

The hardwood category includes the most noble essences used to produce handmade furniture. Despite their compactness, hardwoods are usually preferred to softwoods for durability and quality. The craftsmanship when using hardwoods requires more of a commitment and experience, so the value of hardwood is greater than that of softwood. There are different types of hardwood, the most used are maple, olive, ash, ebony and mahogany.

Despite being identified as a hard, maple is well-worked because it is very foldable. It is often used in woodworking to build stairs and outdoor structures, because of its resistance to humidity. Along with maple, ash is among the other hardwood types most common in carpentry because it is also very elastic and compact. An excellent compromise between hardness and malleability.

Mahogany and ebony represent a class of very valuable hardwoods, one because of the characteristic of being indeformable and incredibly resistant, as well as it being an aged wood. Unlike other products, ebony is not cultivated to be immediately used, this type of wood can only be used after years of ageing.

Types of wood: semi-hard

Finally, the third and last of the type of wood that is used in the making of handicraft furniture includes chestnut, cherry, beech, walnut and elm. Those listed are the most common wood in the production of furniture, even though they have a flexible fiber, they are durable and compact.

Choosing the best type of wood for a project is not an easy task. For this reason we help our customers in the the decision, indicating the most suitable essences based on the type of project. If you are looking for advice on creating custom, handmade furniture, contact us at info@falegnameriamoi.it.

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25 April 2017