Custom made table, designed to exact specifications

Custom made table, designed to exact specifications

A personalised table is a decorative piece of furniture that expresses the style of a home and those who live in it.

Creating a custom table is the ideal choice for those who want to personalise their home environment according to their wants and needs.  We at Falegnameria Moi are eager to achieve any original design.

The initial challenge

Creating a table is not a particularly difficult challenge to overcome, however creating it does requires a particular skill, experience and level creativity that many do not have. These three aspects are fundamental when a customer turns to us to build an elegant custom handmade table.

The choice of wood & colour

The material chosen for the custom table provides solidity and class to the end result. Built in solid cherry wood, the table comes in two shades: the tabletop features a golden-red tint typical of essence, while the legs painted in black. A choice made by the customer himself, which makes the modern furnishing complement despite the classic lines. The legs and table top were decorated by hand with a sabre. The tabletop is made of a perimeter piece of solid wood, entirely molded and hollowed out. Beauty and practicality, at the customer’s request, we have built an extensible system to add two more comfortable seats to the table giving the opportunity to turn the table from 6 to 8 seats.

Creating a customized table allows you to choose essence, color, size, decor as well as how you would like the wood grain positioned. For this project, based on the clients needs, we created a tabletop with dynamic contrast, with the pieces in the centre of the table having grains running horizontally, while the out edge pieces on two sides having grains that run vertically. 

The final result

The end result is a custom, entirely hand made table, personalised and unique. Featuring a classy and functional decor element, created entirely from customer requests. Are you interested in hand carved furniture? Discover our country country chic project.

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28 June 2017