Functionality and modern furnishings

Functionality and modern furnishings

Lines, large spaces and functionalities, these are the basic features of a modern décor. A meeting point for a set of hybrid elements.

The modern style differs from the classic one for its linear and simple design, but it is also inspired by the same classic style for the use of some common materials including wood. What changes mainly are the modern aesthetic traits, which leave aside classic decorations, focusing more on the simplicity of the lines and the functionality of the furniture. With this goal in mind we constructed the furniture for a dining room and a living room, making practicality the key point of creation.

The initial challenge

Whatever the project is, we at F.lli Moi work to achieve a final product that is both beautiful to the eye, but is also practice in use. This project requested from the client was to create furniture for a living room and kitchen already furnished. In the initial phase, we collaborated with an architect who designed spaces and bulkheads in two environments that already had furniture. The challenge was to produce a practically designed furniture that would complement the style of furniture already present.

The choice of wood & colour

The material chosen for the project was Slavonian Oak, the most precious high quality type of oak that has been used since ancient times for making furniture and other objects of great value. This particular Slavonian Oak is a seven-layer A-A strip, an acronym that certifies the excellence of sheetboards featuring high-quality wood on both sides. Done this way, both the inside and the outside of the furniture have the same material, giving the same attention to every single part of the furniture.

The finished product retained the real essence of the wood, which was not painted, but simply sanded to the tenth of a millimetre and polished to make the wood notably brighter. The presence of the other pieces of furniture and the desire to follow a modern style have influenced the choice of keeping the tones natural, opting for neutral colors that were well-founded with the marvellous black marble floor.

The final result

The end result is a modern decor, with classic influences with the fusion of elements already present in the environments. The living room in particular is the fulcrum of work where the spaces have been finely engineered to make every movement in the area practical and useful. Do you need a consultation for a custom furniture project in a partially furnished environment? Contact Us!

Detail modern furniture

Detail modern furniture

Modern wooden desk

Modern style living

Room furniture

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23 May 2017