Modern renovation: when minimal is home

Modern renovation: when minimal is home

From a simple apartment, to a space with an identity and refined style, find out how we have restored an entire home with a minimal design in mind.

F.lli Moi is always in close contact with architects and designers to find a meeting point between traditional and modern styles for this project, with a simple, clean modern result.

The initial challenge

A entire residence to be restored and with a new identity. To create a new mood of the environments, F.lli Moi entrusted an architect who worked on the creation of the initial project. The development phase is an important moment to collaborate with the end customer along with the architect and within the environment itself. Each house has its own features that must be respected in when making custom furniture. For this reason once we had the project approved, we at F.lli Moi, go to the site to get all the necessary measures to create the furniture, always working with the unmistakable constraints such as windows, walls or simple electrical outlets. The attention to detail is an extra aspect in the realization of handmade furniture, which differentiates itself from industrial productions. Personalised handmade pieces add a value to every element of the home. Every piece of furniture is perfectly complementary and compatible with the environment.

The choice of wood & colour

As in any process of creation, having drawn the pattern of the furniture with basic features allowed for the production of samples that were shown to the client for approval. For this particular project a hard tulipwood wood and a medium density hydrophobic fibreboard (MDF) were chosen. The soft color of the furniture makes it modern and elegant with the use of metal elements for a refined touch .

The choice of color follows the customer’s tastes in combination with the wall, especially with regards to the furniture that will be leaning or hanging on the walls. In addition, to further customising our furnishings, we rely on other craftsmen in the field such as marmists, blacksmiths and glassmakers. Confidence figures with whom we have been working for decades to make furniture a home unique, original and prestigious. In this case, for example, the island in the kitchen has a finely worked white marble shelf making the lines of a modern and elegant piece of furniture.

After choosing the colour, in this case a smooth white, the furniture was mounted roughly to allow the customer and the architect to view the result and fine-tune the details, like the choice of shelves and the positioning of the lights. Once finally approved, the furniture is dismantled, lacquered and remounted by hand at the customer’s home.

The final result

A restoration project made with minimal style, neutral colors, simple geometric lines and purity of detail. The same choice of white and lacquered smooth wood gives the house a modern and sophisticated look, while at the same time sober and tidy. Want to discover more accomplishments? Visit our blog to see how the versatility of wood can be tailor to your needs.

Internal stairs

Windows and doors

Bathroom minimal


Kitchen shelf marble

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23 May 2017